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Marco Island Bird Tour

Enjoy the unique wildlife of the Ten Thousand Islands on this birding tour with your Florida Master Naturalist Guide. Discover the different types of exotic migrating birds that flock to the Ten Thousand Islands annually. Peacefully meander through the winding canopy of mangroves while listening to the sounds of the everglades and the cacophony of bird calls. During your Marco Island Bird Tour we will  share with you some helpful tricks to better identify wildlife such as shorebirds and wading birds. The Marco Island Bird Tour is excellent for nature lovers passionate about learning facts on our unique ecosystem, birdwatchers, as well as photography enthusiasts.

Bird Tour Times

Daily (2 hours)

Best Times

Dependent on tidal conditions and time of day


Starting at $350 for the boat. Longer Marco Island Bird Tour trips are available, please call for more information or specials. Boats carry a maximum of 6 people.

Wildlife You May See On Your Marco Island Bird Tour

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