Grand Slam Tour

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Dome Home • Eco Tour • Fishing • Shelling

Book a trip to remember with our personal favorite, the Grand Slam Tour. You will encompass all that our slice of paradise has to offer In the Ten Thousand Islands, located off of Marco Island in the Everglades. You will meander though the mangroves on an Eco Tour and learn about the unique ecosystem the is home to Southwest Florida and its Gulf waters. Stop at the famous Dome homes off of Cape Romano, and then disembark onto a barrier island to experience the pleasure of a Shelling Trip on the serene beaches of the Ten Thousand Islands. Top the day off with a taste of a nearshore Gulf Fishing Trip for a fun-filled day to remember. 

Visit The Famous Cape Romano Dome Homes

The Cape Romano Dome Homes are an igloo-like concrete complex made up of white dome chambers, now long abandoned and are a popular attraction, and quite a sight to see. They were built by a retired oil producer and inventor in 1980, with the idea that it would be completely self-sufficient and eco-friendly.

Marco Island Eco Tour

Marco Island is known for being one of the last family vacation areas of Florida that remains largely underdeveloped. The barrier islands are surrounded by a number of protected wildlife preserves. Get an up-close view of marine life, exotic migrating birds, and playful dolphins. You get to simply sit back and relax on the Eco Tour portion of the Grand Slam Tour as your educated Master Naturalist guide takes you through scenic waters, and you’ll often get a chance to take some memorable photos of dolphins or manatees.

Tour Times

Daily (4 hours min)

Best Times

Anytime during the day


$175 per person

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